Short Leaf Heart Pine

Red Hills short leaf pine flooring, like all of our products, is sustainably milled from old growth natural forests, not planted pine tracts. Many of the trees from which it comes are over 150 years old. As with our longleaf, this results in a higher heart content and denser grain.

Most of the new heart pine flooring currently on the market is plantation shortleaf or loblolly pine rather than longleaf, though it is seldom labelled as such. Longleaf heart pine has a Janka hardness score of 1225, longleaf sapwood of 870, shortleaf sap 690 and shortleaf heart around 900. In other words, shortleaf is somewhat less hard than longleaf, but still about twice as hard as Eastern pine (Janka 390) and harder than Douglas fir (660), two woods frequently used for flooring. With normal wear, shortleaf will last a lifetime.

Shortleaf typically has more knots than longleaf and is therefore roughly comparable to our Legacy grade. It is the perfect choice for those who want a handsome heart pine floor at a discounted price.

Specifications and Standards

  • Shortleaf Heart Pine flooring is available in widths from 2-1/4 to 5-1/4
  • Finished wood flooring is sold by the square foot
  • Finished¬†flooring is Center Match Tongue and Groove
  • All flooring is kiln dried to 10% moisture content or less
  • Wood flooring is shipped in 8' and 12' foot lengths
  • Wood flooring can be either nailed to a subfloor or glued to concrete