Selecting Heart Pine

Since Colonial times Heart Pine has been prized as an elegant and durable flooring for American homes. A check on the internet will show that this remains true today. A casual search will turn up many options. All are called “heart pine flooring” but there are very large ranges of quality and cost. Below is a list of some of these differences:

  Red Hills Heart Pine Reclaimed/Antique Heart Pine Most New Heart Pine
Source Sustainable natural forest Old buildings or river recovery Planted and clear cut
Cost $3:30-$7 per sf $7-$15 sf $2.50-$8.50 sf
Age of trees 80-200 100-300 50-75
Species Longleaf (1 shortleaf product) Mostly longleaf but varied Loblolly, shortleaf
Janka scale hardness 1225 (longleaf heart) 1225 (longleaf heart) 690 Lob and short
(Eastern White pine 380)
Board lengths 8’ and 12’ Random (2’ to 12’) 8’ and 12’
Widths 3”-9” (12” without T and G) 3”-12” 3” to 7”
% Heart Varies by product Most 75-90%
Less expensive 50-75%
75-100% 20-50%
Other Clear May have nail holes, etc Clear
Knots Varies by grade Varies by grade Varies by grade